Since this is the next post for me but the first post for you, you have joined a little way along the posting journey. You don’t yet know and are unlikely to care much I am in a quest for my missing muse. Actually, it may not be the first post for you, depending when you are visiting. I am only pointing this out because I have not yet come up with anything especially interesting to write about and the prospects are not looking good.

The last post which will be your next is pretty good; so if you want to skip to it I will not be upset or anything. Even so, this might get more interesting.

Trying to write without the support of my muse is tough. I miss her a lot and hope she returns soon. My grandson pointed out Charles Osborne had hiccups for six years. I only mention this to remind us both writing this post could get far worse. I could be trying to keyboard while hiccupping. Do you have that picture? Yep, it could be much worse.

W.C. Fields once said, “Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.” That may seem like a complete non–sequitur but for this. I have made a little bet on me to complete this post and you are taking a small flyer yourself by reading it. If fields was right…. Let’s not go there. Spend too much time with that thought and it’s not much of a leap to focusing on which end of the horse and our relationship to it. With that, it seems I best put that old horse in the barn and call this a post.

If you want a stable partner with no risk of remorse, get a horse.

Your faithful equine friend will never ask you to divorce, get a horse.

If your hiccups won’t stop and your muse has taken flight, get a horse.

You can bunk with your stable partner and never have to write, get a horse.