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A few days had passed. The Shadow Kids were still trouble
making. TT was punching buttons on his gadget. Purple shadows were popping up
everywhere and kids were getting timeouts. The Council trio hadn’t figured out
how to make things better. They still didn’t have a plan.

PosterGuy hadn’t been very busy. There wasn’t much to do. He
stopped by to talk with JimJim and SueSue now and then. He popped off to the
Great Council Hall once in a while to hang around with the other Council Kids.
Most of the time, he just staid on his poster. It was really boring.

Poster Guy did come up with one idea. He had been watching
the Shadow Kids. They were doing a lot of trouble making. He thought, “The
Shadow Kids really aren’t very nice. The way they treat other kids isn’t right.
I’m glad Council Kids don’t treat other kids that way.”

PosterGuy had a lot of time to think about that. Someone
needed to do something about those Shadow Kids. He was just hanging around when
he got an idea. He put a message on his poster. It said, “Council Kids
say, ‘Be Nice!’ It’s The Right Thing To Do.”

PosterGuy stuck his poster onto the wall at school. Kids
stopped to read his message. When they did, they usually just smiled and walked
away. Sometimes, a kid would ask, “Who are the Council Kids?” No one
answered them so they just shrugged their shoulders and walked away.

JimJim and SueSue saw PosterGuy’s message. They thought it
was a good idea so they decided to give it a try.

They concentrated. 
They were nice. They treated other kids like they wanted to be treated
themselves. It was hard to do with kids they didn’t know very well but it was
easy with their friends. At least, it was easy most of the time.

JimJim and SueSue sometimes talked about how hard it was to
be nice when people aren’t nice back. SueSue said, “We can have a contest.
We will see who can be nice the most. I think I can be nice more than you

JimJim said, “No way. I almost became the world’s
champion timeouter. I decided not to do that. I became a Council Kid instead. I
still want to be a world’s champion. I will be the world’s champion at being
nice. I can be nicer than you are any day. You won’t have a chance. You
definitely can’t beat me at being nice.”

SueSue smiled and said, “I’m the nicest person I know.
I’m soooo nice. I’m nice to you, aren’t I? Now that definitely means that I’m
the champion at being nice.”

They hung around for a while. They teased each other about
being nice. JimJim said, “Let’s do it. Let’s really do it. Let’s have a
being nice contest.”

SueSue and JimJim concentrated. They were nice every chance
they got. They treated other kids the way they wanted to be treated. JimJim and
SueSue were very serious about winning. They definitely didn’t want to lose.

One evening, they were talking about the contest. PosterGuy
popped in to hang out for a while. He listened to them bickering about who was
ahead and about being nice.

PosterGuy said, “What is happening here? You aren’t
being very nice to each other right now. It sounds to me like you are arguing.
I thought you were supposed to be nice.”

The Council trio talked for a while. PosterGuy was right.
They needed to be nice. They needed a plan.

JimJim said, “We need a plan and I have one. SueSue and
I can keep being nice every chance we get. We are getting really good at that.
PosterGuy can keep the message on his poster. He can stick his poster in the
hallway at school every day. That way, a lot of kids will see the message.

“I know that doesn’t sound like much. It’s not a lot to
do but It’s what we can do. At least, the Council trio will be together and
doing what we can do.

“We may not be able to do much to stop TT and the
Shadow Kids. I definitely wish we could do more. Right now, we can only do what
we can do.

“SueSue and I can be nice every chance we get and
PosterGuy can make sure a lot of kids see his message. We can do that much. We
can let everyone know what it means to be a Council Kid. That’s the right thing
to do and we are going to do it.”

That was a few months ago. JimJim, SueSue, and PosterGuy
have been doing what they can do every day, every chance they get. Day By Day,
something very interesting has been happening. First one kid and then another
has started hanging around with JimJim and SueSue. Their group is growing.

The Council trio didn’t say anything to the other kids about
TT, the Shadow Kids, the purple shadows, or about Council Kids. No one would
have believed them anyway. It’s their secret. They are happy just knowing that
they are Council Kids. Yes, they are definitely the real deal, doing what’s
right, every chance they get.

The End

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