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JimJim slouched down in his chair. PosterGuy told him this

Once upon a time, a long time ago, PosterGuy was a regular
kid. He did regular stuff. He just hung around. He had a totally terrific time
being regular. It was that way until the day he stopped being regular and became
special. That was definitely a day to remember.

He was sitting in his room. He was doing a little
timeouting. He was just being regular. That all stopped when he heard the
voice. “We need to talk.”

PosterGuy met the PosterGuy who came before him. He was
stuck to the wall in PosterGuy’s room. He wasn’t supposed to be there.

There was the PosterGuy who was in JimJim’s room. There was
the PosterGuy who came before him. He was in PosterGuy’s room once upon a time,
a long time ago. It was definitely complicated.

PosterGuy was chosen by the Council. That was back when he
was just a regular kid. The PosterGuy who came before him contacted him. He got
PosterGuy off to a good start working for the Council. He didn’t like it much
but they didn’t give him any choice. He became a Council Kid. That was the way
it was.

JimJim said, “Let me see if I have this right. You were
a regular kid once upon a time, a long time ago. You were doing some
timeouting. You were just doing regular stuff. The other PosterGuy showed up in
your room. This happened and then that happened. You said some stuff. He said
some stuff. Zip Zap. You became a Council Kid. Now you are here. Have I got
that right?”

“You really are soooo smart. You have it exactly right.
That is just the way it is.”

JimJim shook his head. He slowly stood up. He walked over to
the window. He stared out the window at his baseball glove. It was laying in
the back yard. He thought, “I should put that away. I should take better
care of my stuff.”

PosterGuy didn’t say anything. He just leaned against the
computer screen and watched. JimJim turned away from the window. He walked to
his open closet. He thought, “I should pick up that mess on the floor. I
should hang up my clothes.”

JimJim’s thoughts were interrupted. SueSue jerked open his
bedroom door. She stompped in. The purple shadow was very dark as it slipped
over her head. She yelled, “Hey Beetle Brain. Will you stop talking to
yourself. You are way too weird. What are you doing over here?”

She crossed to his desk. She was still yelling. “Let me
see what else you have of mine. You probably took my colored pencils too. I
can’t find them anywhere. They aren’t in my room. I’ll bet you took them. I’m
getting sick and tired of you getting into my stuff.”

JimJim opened his mouth to yell at SueSue. No words came
out. He couldn’t believe it. His sister was pawing through the stuff on his
desk and he wasn’t upset with her. She was opening his desk drawers and he
wasn’t getting mad. She was poking through the stuff in the box beside his desk
and he didn’t want to yell at  her. This
was very strange.

What did he do? It surprised JimJim almost as much as it
shocked SueSue. He leaned against his closet door. He smiled at her. He said

SueSue could feel it. Something wasn’t right. She
straightened up. She spun around to look at her brother. Why wasn’t he yelling
at her? Why was he smiling at her? What was he up to?

She said, “Hey Beetle Brain. What is wrong with you?
What are you smiling about? Why aren’t you yelling at me for getting into your
stuff? Are you sick or something? Stop smiling at me.”

JimJim kept smiling. He said nothing.

SueSue stared at him for almost a full minute. The purple
shadow was still over her head. JimJim just kept smiling at his sister. The
purple shadow floated away and disappeared. SueSue shrugged her shoulders and
slowly left his room. That time, she quietly closed the door behind herself.

JimJim walked back to his desk. He sat down in his chair. He
glanced at the envelope with the note to his pen pal. There was something odd
about it. It was the stamp. It was a regular stamp. The trophy on the stamp was
gone. His picture on the stamp was gone too. He looked up and then he noticed.
PosterGuy was gone. What happened to the stamp? Where was PosterGuy? JimJim
thought, “This is very strange. It’s way too weird.”

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