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Termination Of Parental Rights:

Most participants agreed that there are
circumstances when it is appropriate to terminate parental rights when:

becomes apparent that the parents just aren’t going to change and they continue
to abuse or neglect their child.

child is getting bounced around from home to home too much.

parents have not resolved their drug addiction problems.

parent is serving a long prison term and the other parent cannot take responsibility
for the child.

Some participants, particularly in the
predominately African American groups in Philadelphia
and Louisville,
voiced strong concerns about ever terminating parental rights. Alternatively,
most participants thought that the new federal and state time limits were a
good idea. Perceptions about the appropriate amount of time ranged from 3
months to 3 years, although some participants expressed concern that
termination of parental rights does not guarantee the child a permanent home if
adoptive homes are not available.

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