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A Special Six Pack

There is just enough time for one last six pack. This one is special
for its six slots contain special ingredients for special people. By this time,
you can handle the whole six pack at once and it’s good you are ready to go for
the gusto since you are about to learn the secret recipe for creating the
loving touch. this special recipe for lovingly combining the time-tested
ingredients has been protected and tenderly passed down, hand-to-hand, through
the generations.

the loving touch with people who are special to you every chance you get.

Acceptance is the first ingredient in the loving
touch. It lets special people know you accept them as is, don’t want to change
them, don’t want them to change. You then blend in affection, knowing “too much” applies to many things but
never to affection sincerely offered.

As you mix the ingredients with love and sincere good will, gentleness is the secret technique the
masters have perfected and you refine in ways conveying the uniqueness of your
loving touch. It’s the perfect complement to being fully involved in the
moment, without distraction, without reservation.

You have almost got it just right, are nearing perfection; but it still
needs a dash of this and a pinch of that: the special spices bringing out the
rich flavor of the loving touch. They are spontaneity
and playfulness. Your loving touch
is always there, only awaiting a gesture, a feeling, the slightest of signs
it’s wanted and valued. It sparkles with joy, enthusiasm, and that
indescribable but familiar extra in a child’s laughter, a lover’s smile, in the
magical connection when special people share the loving touch.

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