You might expect a blog called Sundry Ideas to pop from topic to topic and switch from this style to that. I am up to post 30 and have definitely skipped here and there. As the sidebar declares, I am in search of my illusive muse and have been looking for her high and low.

STOP: There is a slight tickle at the edge of my mind. A thought, a possible insight is trying to catch my attention. I hear the gentle voice. The words are hard to understand but are becoming clearer. I think I hear but cannot quite assimilate the message with my existing thoughts and perceptions. The included truth cannot be true. The voice assures me as it increases in firmness and volume, it is indeed true.

Alas, I must accept the reality, am reduced to a single option. My muse never left; she has been there all along. She has stayed close at hand, as near as a whisper. It was not she who abandoned me. Rather it was I who turned a deaf ear to her. It was I who refused to listen or more correctly, refused to credit her for her efforts on my behalf. She struggles with me for the words; she is along side as I ponder what to say; she is helping as I write and then re–write. She has been there each step along the way.

Wow, I do not think sharing the details is appropriate but let me assure you being chastised by your muse is no picnic, no walk in the park, no stroll on a summer evening. As tough as it is, I must now stop looking elsewhere for causes and cures. My muse has been holding up her side of the writing equation. It is time for me to now accept full responsibility for holding up mine. No more whining about my missing muse. It is time to simply say, “What you get today is the best I can do today. It will have to do.” – Hmmm. Wonder to what else that may apply beyond blogging? There may be another post brewing in there somewhere.