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Urinates or defecates in his clothes:

This is usually a serious problem sometimes
caused by medical difficulties but more often by emotional troubles. Keep in
mind your child ten or twelve-years-old sometimes might have an accident. Even
so, it is unlikely for children that old. If you see the sign recurring in your
child, a physical examination is necessary. A real physical problem may be the

Here are a couple of important things to know.
Even if the problem is emotional, it can become physical if it goes on too
long. Not regularly going to the bathroom causes physical problems. This means your
child needs medical care for the problem, even if the etiology is emotional.

There is not much you can do to help except
calmly have your child clean himself each time he has trouble. Making any more
of it will only make his problem worse.

It is specifically important to separate
bed-wetting from other difficulties and not attribute undue seriousness to
problems exhibited by children under six or seven. Bed-wetting sometimes
follows from parent to child and has a genetic component. A small percentage of
teens are bed-wetters and do not have any significant problems. If you are
concerned, consult with a pediatrician about your child’s behavior.

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