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Leave Getting Angry To The Pros

“Anyone can become angry – that is
easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right
time, for the right purpose, and in the right way; this is not easy.” –

As you see, Aristotle is a typical philosopher. He definitely
has a way of elevating the obvious to an amazing level of complexity. You may
have thought that something or someone ticks you off; you don’t like it; you
get angry; and that’s all there is to that. Silly you!

Along with getting angry, you need to be sure you get it just
right. That means the right person, the right degree, the right time, the right
purpose, and the right way; and if that weren’t enough, you are reminded that
it isn’t easy. Not easy? With all of those restrictions, it may not even be
worth bothering with. You may decide that you are way too busy to be angry.

How would that work? First, you need to be clear about what made
you angry. Next, you need to determine who did or didn’t do whatever made you
angry. That is the right person, the only one you get to be angry with.

Having determined with whom to be angry, you can’t just get
angry. You need to decide just how angry you can reasonably get about whatever
happened. You determine the degree of anger that is appropriate, based on your

So far, so good. You know who to get angry with and just how
angry you can get. Can you simply go ahead and be angry? Absolutely not.
According to Aristotle, there is a time for anger which seems to imply that
there are times that you can’t get angry. You need to be sure this is the right
time. If not, you will just have to wait for the right time to come. It’s clear
that anger isn’t for the impatient.

Well, you have identified the right person and know just how
angry you can be. You are sure it’s the right time; so, do you do your getting
angry thing? Not yet. You might think that getting angry is its own
justification but you would be wrong. You don’t get angry just because you are
angry. You need to have a purpose. Will any purpose do? No, you need to have
the right purpose. You don’t know what that means? You don’t know what the
right purpose is? Sorry, you are out of luck. You can’t get angry until you
figure that out. It’s the right purpose or no getting angry today for you.

You have worked through the prerequisites to getting angry so do
you get angry now? You can, with one more restriction. You have to determine
the right way to be angry. There are apparently approved protocols for being
angry and you need to select the right protocol, all things considered; and
there are a lot of factors to consider. You may do well to contract it out to
an expert. That way you will reduce the likelihood of your screwing up this
getting angry stuff. Actually, you should probably just leave getting angry to
the professionals.

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