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It’s your success train.

great you’re back. Let’s take the success train on down the track. Before we
go, there’s a little secret you need to know. The secret starts with an
explanation. It’s your success train waiting at the station. The rest of the
secret will cause you to smile. You’ll find it in a little while. CHOO-CHOO!
And Toot-toot! Here we go.

success starts with “Focus.” You care about your success. You climb
aboard your success train and get down to business.

success depends on “Timing.” Other people may fool around. Here’s a
secret that you found. Sometimes you have to do things that aren’t much fun. It
sure is nice to get them done. That’s a fact and here is how. You just go ahead
and do it now.

success depends on “Attitude.” You have the success attitude. You do
what you need to do. You know that this is true. Your success is up to you. You
always say “Yes,” to success.

success depends on “Persistence.” Some people quit. Other people
never start. You don’t give up because you’re soooo smart.

     I have
five more totally terrific success tips for you. Keep looking for the rest of
the secret. It’ll make you smile in a little while.

!    Your success depends on
Practice, Practice, Practice.

     Can you
balance a ball on the end of your chin? Give it a try and try it again. Keep
trying until it’s easy for you. You’ll be really good at it by the time that
you’re through.

     What do
you think? Is “Practice, Practice, Practice” a totally terrific
success tip? There are many things you need to do. Learning to do them isn’t
always easy for you. Whether it’s multiplication or flying a kite, practice and
practice until you can do it right.

makes perfect.” That’s terrific advice. To get really good at things,
practice may be the price.

your goals can be very difficult. There is so much to learn and so much to do.
Here is the good news. Practice also makes things easier. It helps you do
things better and faster. Get into the habit of practicing those things that
are hard to do. Practice those things that you can’t do quickly yet. You’ll get
better at it and do it faster if you keep practicing. Practice is a great way
to say “Yes,” to success.

success train is moving along really well. It’s time for the next totally
terrific success tip. It includes a fourteen letter word. Go ahead and say it.
“That’s not a problem for me because I’m soooo smart.” Yes you are
and here we go.

!    Your success depends on
Responsibility, Responsibility, Responsibility.

is a pretty long word. It’s not the longest word you ever heard. Are you old
enough to understand this stuff? I think so. Here we go.

means that you do the right things right the first time, on time, every time.
That sounds really complicated. You can figure it out quick. Use this little

     Take one
step at a time. The first step is “Do the right things.” Think about
what you need to do. Those are the right things. Don’t fool around doing other
stuff. Spend your time doing the right things. That’s what you need to do.

the next step. Try to do things right the first time. Take your time. Don’t
rush. Pay attention. Do things right the first time. It may take a little
longer but here’s the best part. When you do things right the first time,
you’re finished. You can go play or take a rest because you took the time to do
your best.

     The next
step is easy to understand. You can use a totally terrific success tip you
already know. When do you do what you need to do? You do it “on
time.” Sure, you’re right. Your success depends on Timing, Timing, Timing.

ready for the last step. You do the right things. You do them right the first
time. When do you do them? You do them on time.

the last step. When do you do the right things? Do you do them only when you
feel like it? You’re right. That would be silly. You do the right things right
every time.

you’re brushing your teeth or studying for a test, every time you do your best.
You do the right things right the first time, on time, every time because


!    Your success depends on
Imagination, Imagination, Imagination.

really glad that you’re the success train boss. It’s a big job that takes a
special person like you. Some people can’t handle it. They don’t pay attention
and focus on what they are doing. They don’t use their imaginations.

     You think
about what you need to do. You imagine how nice it will be when you’re through.
You use your imagination to make a picture of your goal. In your imagination,
you can see where your success train is headed. You can imagine success. You
imagine your goal and then say “Yes,” to success.

     Do you
know about the imagination tree? You can close your eyes and watch it grow in
your imagination.

about a project you are working on. What do you need to have before you can
start? Do you need supplies or special tools? Those are like the roots of the
imagination tree. They are what you need to help your project grow. Be sure you
have everything you need for your project. It will help to make a list.

     What are
the steps you’ll need to take to complete your project? Those steps are like
the trunk and branches of the imagination tree. They get you from the bottom to
the very top of the imagination tree. Make a list that includes every step
you’ll need to take to finish your project.

think about what the imagination tree will look like when it has finished
growing. What will you see when your project is over? How will you feel when
you’re finished? What will other people say? What will they do?

     Write a
story about how it will be when you reach your goal. What do you think? Will
that be a great story? It’ll be totally terrific, won’t it?

     Are you
ready for the next totally terrific success tip? It isn’t as long as
responsibility but is a pretty long word. It’s determination. Let’s slip the
tip in right here. After that, I’ll give you an explanation of determination.

     Wow, that
one gets a really big CHOO-CHOO! That’s a spectacular rhyme: explanation and
determination. What do you think? Do you agree with me? If so, let’s hear it

!    Your success depends on
Determination, Determination, Determination.

the explanation of determination, try to spy the secret. You have most of what
you need. There’s only a little more to read. The secret is here waiting for
you. You’ll find it before this chapter is through. There’s only one more clue
for you.

is a pretty interesting word. It means that you’re serious about your success.
You’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. It’s your success train and you’ll
reach your goal.

     You won’t
quit. You won’t fail. You have to succeed. You’re unstoppable. You’ll do it
however long it takes. You have determination.

the last totally terrific success tip for this chapter. You’ll find the final
clue slipped in here for you.

success depends on Effort, Effort, Effort.

difficult is it to succeed? Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s hard. Once in a
while, it’s very, very hard.

success takes only a little effort. Sometimes it takes a gigantic effort. How much
effort do you give your success? You give it all the effort it takes to
succeed. You always say “Yes,” to success.

learned five new totally terrific success tips in this chapter. You have all of
the clues you need to find the secret. Your success depends on:

!    Practice

!    Responsibility

!    Imagination

!    Determination

!    Effort

     Do you
see the secret? It’s been hiding from you. Look at the first letter of each of
the words. Take the “P” from Practice, The “R” from
Responsibility, the “I” from Imagination, the “D” from
Determination, and the “E” from Effort. What does it spell? Sure, it
spells PRIDE.

!    You need PRIDE inside to say
“Yes,” to success.

     Do you
have PRIDE inside? Sure you do. That’s why you’re the success train boss.

     How much
PRIDE do you have inside? You have all you need to succeed. That’s why it’s
your success train that you’re climbing aboard. You always say “Yes,”
to your success. When it comes to you, nothing but success will do.

     Before we
end this chapter, let’s put your success tips in a row. We’ll line them up like
a train. You can pull them along with you as you head on down the success

     It takes
each one to get the job done. They are right there waiting for you. You’ve
already seen what they mean. The secret is there too, waiting for you. Your
success train has PRIDE inside.

!    Focus _ Timing _ Attitude _
Persistence _ Practice _ Responsibility _ Imagination _ Determination _ Effort

     That’s a
lot of tips to remember. You know that the last five tips show that you have
PRIDE inside.

     Look at
the first four tips: Focus _ Timing _ Attitude _ Persistence. The first one is
Focus. The next three start with TAP for Timing, Attitude, and Persistence.
Here’s a way to remember all nine tips.

!    For success, Focus and then
TAP the PRIDE inside.

     What do
you think? Is that a great way to remember all nine tips? TAP = Timing,
Attitude, and Persistence. PRIDE = Practice, Responsibility, Imagination,
Determination, and Effort. You know how to TAP the PRIDE inside, don’t you?
Sure you do because you’re….

     You did
it. You finished another chapter. You’re half way through this book. Go ahead
and take a break. When you get back, your success train will be waiting at the
station. Climb aboard and away we’ll go.

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