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You, Your Family, and Abuse:

You do not care what others in your family think or what they think they need. What they feel about things is not important, at least not important to you. What they need is their problem; and all that matters is what you say matters. If they would spend more time doing what you tell them and less time whining, you would all be better off. If they just did half of what you expect, you would not get so down on them. All they care about is themselves and their problems, as if they had any problems that mattered. If they had to live your life for a day they would understand what it is like to have real problems.

They drive you up the wall. All the fighting and arguing are too much. If they got what they deserved, they would really have something to complain about. They are just lucky they are not dead. If you were one of those people who gets out of control, they would be dead.

It is no wonder you drink. They drive you to it. Besides, you will not put up with anyone trying to tell you what you can or cannot do in your own home. If they do not get off your back, they will find out how well they get along with a few less teeth. You have had about all you are going to take from them. You will teach them a thing or two about what it means to show respect.

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