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Figure Two: individual risk



Are you:

In good health and not often ill?

Usually energetic and interested in what is going on in your world?

Normally relaxed and comfortable with yourself?

Self-confident in most situations?

Eating regularly in normal amounts?

Not abusing or misusing alcohol or other drugs?

Usually happy and in a positive mood?

Normally behaving appropriately?

Managing your anger and temper responsibly?

Feeling successful most of the time?

Usually responsible and dependable?



Able to deal well with most day-to-day stresses and pressures?

Able to make and keep friends?

Involved with friends who your family knows and of whom they approve?

Going to work or school regularly?

Doing well at work or in school?

Finishing jobs and other tasks by yourself, on time?

Cooperating with supervisors, teachers, or others in authority?

Involved in healthy activities and projects?

Able to talk with your family about your activities, friends, and problems?


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