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Figure Four: parent risk



Are you responsible and fair when disciplining your child?

Do you know what your child needs from you?

Can you get your child to cooperate without using physical punishment or other fear tactics?

Do you spend some time every day talking or playing with your child?

Does your child like to spend time with you?

Are you usually pleased with and proud of your child?

Are you familiar with and interested in your child’s activities?

Do you know about and are you helping with your child’s problems and difficulties?



Do you set a good example for your child?

Do you give your child space to grow and learn on his/her own?

Are you interested in what your child thinks and feels about things?

Are you usually able to get your child to accept and follow your values and beliefs?

Do you know and approve of your child’s friends?

Do you do all you reasonably can to support your child’s interests, activities, and goals?


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