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5 Things to Know about Blogging

Blogger One:

An old Chinese proverb says, “Talk doesn’t cook rice.” I suspect it is equally true quoting old Chinese proverbs doesn’t cook much rice either. As I consider strategies for initiating my blog, along with noting activities that do not cook rice, I’m thinking also noting those that do not lead to a successful blog would be helpful. Once I know all of the don’ts, what’s left are on the to do list. Here we go with the don’t list for blogging.

1. Don’t sit and stare. Doing most anything else is an improvement over just gazing into empty space. Of course, I claim to be intensely thinking and it may be true, at least a little. Even so, writing is key and although I can think without seriously thinking, think without writing and write without thinking, to write without writing is pretty much impossible or at least beyond my scope for sure.

2. I don’t need another cup of coffee. I know it would feel good to stretch and stroll out to the coffee pot and back. A nice cup of hot coffee might even perk me up. I could use the time to consider more fully what I want to say and the jolt of caffeine might stimulate a new insight or something. No, no coffee, no stroll into the other room, no more avoiding getting down to the business at hand.

3. I don’t have any more excuses. I’m far enough into it to get down to it if I am up to it. Ok, I’m getting around to it and know it’s time to either do it or screw it. The deal goes like this.

I’ll never make a post if all I do is boast about the blog I’m planning to write.

It’s indeed a little crazy but either I’m lazy or afraid of being absolutely trite.

That’s a pretty pathetic verse and sure it can get worse but I don’t feel even a little contrite.

My blog is underway and I have a post for today so I can get that coffee and stare with no further fear of being impolite.