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A New Way to Meditate

Welcome to a new way to meditate. When you think about meditation, what comes to mind? If you ponder traditional meditation, nothing comes to mind. That’s the idea. Suspend reality and turn into your inner self.

If traditional meditation works for you, may the inner peace consume you as you find your center. But when traditional meditation does not work, a new way to meditate is here for you.

The experience you are undertaking lasts about forty minutes and does not require suspension of reality. Use the first segment to focus and listen. If your attention drifts, there is a dancing blue elephant there for your enjoyment. Find her and let yourself smile as you focus on her and the music.

As the music shifts, go with it. Nothing needs suspension. Stay with the music. It takes you on a changing journey to wherever you go. At any time, the dancing blue elephant is there for you, tempting back your attention on her and the music.

If convenient, listen with earbuds or however you like to send the music directly into your awareness. If not, just listen and stay with the journey. Either way, when you come to the end, a better space awaits.