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Aliens: The Clock Is Ticking

Greetings Earth Humans,

We have again captured this broadcast source to bring an important message to you from the High Council back on our home planet.

This message is for all Earth humans but we have been instructed to focus it particularly for the humans of the America Pod. The High Council is worried and disappointed.

You have failed to take nearly enough steps to protect your wonderful Earth Environment. You seem not to believe that you are doing real damage to the very air you breathe. When will you act to assure each of you and your descendants are able to continue breathing the Earth air?

When will you act to preserve your rivers and streams, your lakes and oceans?

When will you act to preserve your forests and grasslands?

When will you understand that you also have to protect and preserve each of your fellow Earth humans. That includes those of different colors and origins, those of different religions and faiths, those older and those younger, those who succeed economically and those for whom economic success is out of reach. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not just for some. When will you do your duty to all of your fellow Americans?

Now we come to the heart of the message from the High Council. Your crass disregard for the welfare and well-being of your children is appalling. Your neglect of the education needs of many of your children and lack of adequate support of your schools has been alarming and most un-American for many sun cycles. Your neglect of the health and nutrition needs of many of your children for many sun cycles is unconscionable. Now you have separated children from their parents just because the families have invested all in coming to the America pod for a better, safer life. Instead of welcoming them in a cautious but accepting manor, they are treated as criminals who have no rights, not even the right to humane and respectful treatment.

We are aware that this inhumane policy was short-lived but we are seeing little to no action to return the children to their parents, if you actually know who each child is and to whom he or she belongs.

The hundreds of children in the separation group must be added to the tens of thousands of youngsters who entered the America pod by themselves. There is little to no public accounting for those children, where they are and what will happen to them. We fear that their fate will be far worse than that for the separated children.

You need to know that the High Council is shaking its collective head and at a total loss to understand how badly you are treating so many children. They wonder why you are not ashamed of yourselves.

The High Council is contemplating the wisdom of continued association with a human group who can treat their children so inhumanely.

That concludes this transmission.

The clock is ticking.