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Aliens: Truth, Politics & The Great Poker Game

Greetings Earth Humans.


Let’s talk turkey.


We know we are not products of the culture in the America pod and very likely do not appreciate the subtleties of American politics. As aliens, our experiences and mind sets are not the same as yours. With that caveat in mind, we want to use this broadcast to share our perspective and our confusion as well.


To be sure we are as objective as possible and to share the best available perspective, we have arranged a panel of experts on truth and reality. Of course the panel members are all women since as is true in The America pod, human men just are not capable of keeping truth and reality in the forefront while giving politics its proper position in the background. You only need to focus attention on male politicians to grock the accuracy of this insight.


We have asked the panel to help us understand human truth in the context of the current political kerfuffle. …