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Be Dependable And Keep Your Commitments

On the face of it, the point here seems like another one of those no-brainers. “Be as good as your word.” “Do what you say you will do.” Certainly loyalty is also part of the package as is faithfulness, to the extent that promises have been made. It would seem that this is simply a further example of predictability, “You can count on me.”

Here though, dependability and keeping commitments go beyond these types of usual, “the way you deal with everyone” behavior. Within serious relationships, they have a more intimate dimension. They are an important ingredient in the tie that binds, are part of what makes the relationship special.

• You are there for each other when either of you needs support, encouragement, or someone to scratch the itch so to speak.

• You are truly interested in and want to know about each other’s activities, thoughts, and personal issues.

• You are happy and excited when things go well for either of you and feel badly when they do not.

• You share in each other’s lives and are available, good times, bad times, and all. …