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Dream Magic


Thanks for joining me.

I am sharing a story with you that highlights both an opportunity and a trap. The opportunity is for great success and fulfillment. The trap is for failure and disappointment.

If your dream, your passion requires putting all of your eggs in one basket, please do what you’ve got to do. It may work out just fine. At least, you need to believe it will.

I’m sure you see the trap. Ignore it at your risk; and if all of your eggs are in that basket, the risk is extreme. Better would be to hold back an egg or two, just in case. Since I seem to be into old sayings, here’s another one. Don’t burn your bridges unless you will never need to go back across; and even then, don’t burn them if there is any acceptable way to keep them open.

My point is that this story could be true but the odds of its being true for you or me are slim to none. Does that mean that we shouldn’t go for it? It definitely does not. We should.

Here is the point. Hold back an egg or two and don’t burn any bridges if you can at all avoid starting the fire.

Now for the story. Just substitute your dream, your passion for those of the guys in the story. Give it your best shot.