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Getting Over Stage Fright

Do you have stage fright? To my surprise, I have concluded that I am having a little case of what I can only call stage fright. It’s not a fear of speaking to a large group or anything like that for me. My stage fright is new and only kicks in when I sit down to make a PPOV podcast.

It’s not talking to you that sets off my anxiety. Rather, it is merely talking into the open microphone. Since I really want to talk to you, I need a plan for Getting Over Stage Fright. Although I have been putting it off, I have concluded that the only cure is to podcast.

This episode and likely the next few will be for me. I am going to push through it. My stage fright is preventing me from podcasting. That is simply not acceptable. I need to just get over it.


Perhaps you will choose to join me during the cure. If not, I will understand. Please check back in a few weeks. By then, I should be cured. If you choose to join me for the journey, stay tuned. The trip should be interesting, at least interesting to those of us whexperience a little stage fright now and then.