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I’m Doing OK But…

Do not become competitive. How might you and your significant other become competitive? Actually it is much more subtle than you might think. Even less obviously, you may not see it as competition and might deny that you are competing, if asked.

Do you recall, “Relationships are a 50/50 proposition?” Well, therein lies the source of most of the competition I have in mind here. If relationships are supposed to be 50/50, then it is reasonable to rate yourself and each other. Who is ahead or behind?

• “I do all of the work and you spend your time laying around.”

• “I’m getting tired of doing my work and yours too.”

• “I’m there for you but you are never around when I need you.”

• “I hold up my end of things but you just do whatever you feel like doing.”

Do you see the pattern? “I am doing fine and you are screwing up.” Although this is most always the pattern, it can work the other way. “I know that you are getting the short end of things but….” Either way, the race is on, you and your significant other have become competitive. …