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New Kid In Town

Hello and welcome to Audio Tidbits.

I am the newest member of the podcasting team and am excited to have this opportunity to talk with you today.

As the new guy on the team, it’s not easy to know exactly how to behave and what to share with you as my first chance at podcasting. I suspect you have been in the position of being the new kid in town. If you were like me today, you weren’t quite sure how things work at your new gig and are anxious to get off to a good start. To say the least, it’s a little awkward. Even so, I am taking a very big silent breath and hoping for the best. Here I go.

I thought I’d share with you as my first podcast some thoughts about being helpful and helping others. I know, maybe I’m just hoping that you are patient and help me get off to that good start we all hope for when starting something new.

Edward Everett Hale said, “Look up and not down. Look forward and not back. Look out and not in, and lend a hand.”

You are seldom too busy or stressed to lend a hand, pitch in, to help others succeed. This does not mean that you let others intrude on your personal space or time. Rather, it means that you are usually able and willing to assist, help when there is an immediate need, do what you can for others, deal with what needs dealt with.

I sure hope I got that one right and you really are someone who wants to be helpful when you can. At the same time, I trust that I haven’t intruded on your personal space or time. Well sure,I know that I intruded but hope that you’re pleased that you pressed play and shared a little of your valuable time with me. I sure appreciate getting to spend this time with you.

Thanks and I hope we get to share some time together again real soon.