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Prompts03: When I’m Alone I Feel

Thanks for joining me on this writing journey. The Prompts app for my iPhone has generated yet another engaging prompt. When I’m alone, I feel…. I hope you choose to play along. How will you finish the sentence?

My immediate response is, “When I’m alone, I feel peaceful. The movie in my mind finds me late at night when the phone doesn’t ring, when the house is quiet and there is time to read or perhaps time to write. There are no demands, no expectations. It is indeed a peaceful scene.

I then let the image expand and quickly understand that I am not actually alone. My wife had headed to bed earlier as is her habit and both dogs have called it a day. The collie has climbed up into the red chair and the lab is stretched out on the couch. Bird is still in her cage and seems to know that it is quiet time. Alone? No, I’m not actually alone. …