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The Amazing Purple Basketball

The Discovery

It was a warm spring day and our playground was bustling with activity. My friends and I were running around the playground, shouting and playing at recess. Madison was chacing her friends, her pig tail braids bouncing behind her when suddenly, Madison spotted something unusual under a bush by the fence.

“Hey, what’s that?” she shouted, pointing. Everyone stopped and stared at what she had found. Under the bush was a big box. It was painted dark blue and decorated with multicolored shapes and swirls.

Madison cautiously approached the box, but before she could touch it, Tate blurted out, “Let’s open it!” Everyone agreed and they eagerly gathered around the box. Everyone was excited at once, anxiously trying to guess what could be inside the mysterious box.

Mason was the first to reach out and touch the box. He grasped it firmly but carefully and lifted it up only to find a tiny piece of paper stuck to its side. Madison quickly pulled it off the box and everyone gathered around her as she slowly unfolded it.

It said, “For a special purpose, only to be opened by a creative and curious mind.”

Tate was the first to react. “So, do we have to find out what the purpose is? Or should we just open it and see what’s inside?” Everyone started bickering about what to do. Mason argued that we should open it, while Madison argued that we should tell our teacher and have her decide.

In the end, we decided that we were too scared to open it so agreed to tell Mrs. Butterworth. Madison ran off to get our teacher, leaving the box behind.

We all followed Madison, crowding around Mrs. B and asking her all sorts of questions. We quickly told her what had happened and nervously waited to see what she was going to do. She thought for a while and then finally decided, “We should open the box. We never know what surprises might be inside.”

When we all got back to the box, we crowded around as Mrs. B opened the box. We were pushing and shoving some to see inside. Before anyone else could make a comment, Madison shouted with glee, “It’s a purple basketball!”