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The Fake Facebook

Alert! Alert! Alert!

This transmission from the High Council on the Home Planet is directed to all planetoids currently participating in the edit of the Earth planet’s Internet, as per the recent directive. The Council’s surveillance has verified that the edit mechanism has been successfully imbedded in only seventy-three of the six hundred and twenty-one master nodes controlling the Earth planet’s Internet. This limited progress is disappointing. An eleven percent capture rate is far below expectations.

The Home Council is thus directing that half of your collective resources be used to continue the embedding work, while the remaining half be redirected to editing what the Earth humans refer to as Facebook.

Based on the Home Council’s analysis of the node by node imbedding of the editing mechanism, a partial installation of the embedding mechanism is sufficient for the intended purpose. The artificial intelligence in the mechanism will successfully complete the embedding without planetoid assistance. This adjustment will enable completion of the full activation of Internet editing within an acceptable time frame.

The Home Council is very pleased to inform all planetoids that, even though the rate of implementation is disappointing, the effectiveness of the edit mechanisms thus far embedded exceeds expectations. Particularly in the America pod, portions of history have been transparently edited, with no known recognition by American humans. Their grock of their existence has been subtly modified, with a corresponding shift in their values and beliefs about themselves and their relation to other Earth humans. More details will follow as they become available. Suffice it to say that their obsession with privacy and personal freedom is diminished and their acceptance of government oversight shows signs of improving. This is of course, consistent with the grand plan of the Home Council.

Please focus your attention now on the urgent necessity of Facebook intervention.

The Home Council’s Cyber team has verified that an advance contingent from Sector 17Q from the Home galaxy has gone rogue. Ignoring directives from the Home Council, that rogue contingency has been modifying Facebook content for at least two sun circuits. Although their techniques are quite primitive, they have successfully introduced posts and other content intended to confuse and mislead Earth humans using Facebook. They have not attempted to edit the platform itself, but they have been fairly successful in adding fake news and other misinformation intermingled with the natural content added by Facebook’s Earth human users.

This sloppy comingling of fake and misleading content with normal content is causing Earth human users of Facebook to increasingly distrust their grock of whatever they consume on the platform. The result is that Earth humans are jumping off the Facebook platform in alarming numbers. The Home Council cannot tolerate this trend, since Facebook is a major target of the Internet editing initiative.

The normal level of fake and misleading content from Earth humans is manageable, but this added distortion from the rogue contingent is causing far too many Earth humans to accept their distorted content as legitimate.

Your focus on Facebook is in the service of the Home Council’s underlying goal. Although you have thus far been told that the goal is to edit the Internet, the underlying goal is much more ambitious. The goal is to transparently and without detection by the Earth humans, the full replacement of the Earthbound Internet with an extended Internet designed and controlled by the Home Council. At security level 7X, you are being advised that this edit and replace initiative has been quietly proceeding for 4.6 sun cycles, without the knowledge or detection of the Earth humans. Embedding the editing mechanism in the remaining Master nodes will be a major and final step in the grand scheme.

The Home Council intends to fully replace the Earth generated Facebook with a replica Facebook consistent with the perspectives, priorities and interests of the Home Planet. Still at security level 7X, be advised that the replacement of the Facebook platform with what the Earth humans would call the Fake Facebook has already begun, and is 68.4% complete. The Earth Human Psychology Team wants to assure each planetoid that Earth humans are not capable of detecting the replacement. Even if they were, they would not be bothered with requiring verified and verifiable sources for the content they consume. They are surprisingly naive and gullible, especially considering the unexpected size and analytic power of their Earth human brains. They clearly possess immense unused computational and observational powers but are not interested in expending the energy needed to access them. They prefer simply accepting whatever they are told. That is making the work of the Home Council much easier than it would otherwise be.

The role for the planetoids is to embed the editing mechanisms into the Facebook platform as it currently exists, to modify past content and all new content produced by the Earth humans as the platform replacement is completed. Partial embedding is acceptable for Facebook as noted for the Earth Internet itself. The artificial intelligence in the mechanism will complete the embedding procedure. The Fake Facebook should be fully operational at least 1.06 sun cycles ahead of the conclusion of the complete capture of all knowledge, news and information existing or ever existing on the Earth planet.

To motivate improved performance by each Planetoid, the Home Council has authorized the following sonic experience for all. Participation in this orientation exercise is mandatory.