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The Great Mouse Hunt: Convergence

Greetings my fellow trackers of the Great Mouse. The hunt for the Great Mouse continues. When we last spotted the hunters, they had tracked the Great Mouse to a distant location in outer space. The Great Mouse again alluded the hunters and lived to pursue its conquest of the universe.

I am back to share what is the most strange sighting yet of the Great Mouse. I was attending the Home Show at our local fair grounds when I was shocked to become aware of the hunters and their pursuit of the Great Mouse. I may be hallucinating but I experienced what I experienced. At least I think I did.

Let me simply share the experience with you and let you judge for yourself.

Was it actually the Great Mouse and the intrepid hunters?

Please listen and come to your own conclusion. No one else at the show seemed to notice anything unusual or out of the ordinary. Maybe I am losing it but I don’t think so. At least I hope not.

I leave you to your own perceptions.