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The Internet Was Edited

I’m sure that by now you are aware of fake news. Someone somewhere adds to the content of the Internet by sharing what seems like legitimate news, good information or reporting that accurately reflects some aspect of the real world. The news appears to be true and valid, when in reality, it is intentionally false or at least misleading.

With this type of deception and manipulation, it’s difficult and at times impossible to distinguish the real from the fake. Our struggle for the truth is made even more challenging when we know that people in respected positions can and do knowingly tell us that the real and true is fake and just as often that the fake is really true and should be believed. The result is that we are left wondering who, if anyone, we can trust to be straight with us. For the most part, we are reduced to taking everything on the Internet with a very large grain of sault, no matter who says it or no matter the source.

I regret having to report to you that as pervasive as fake and intentionally misleading news is, things are far worse than any of us have imagined. I have intercepted a transmission from the home planet of the aliens amongst us. Due to a technical glitch that I admittedly don’t understand, my interception of the transmission was delayed for at least several months, if not longer. I suspect this delay was intentional, to prevent us from intervening to stop the aliens amongst us from implementing the directive included in the transmission. I fear that the directive has already been carried out.

As best I can determine, the home planet of the aliens amongst us is a single consciousness or intelligence, with what appear to be individual aliens amongst us being a living part of the whole. The apparently individual aliens amongst us are referred to as “planetoids.” Each is a node of the collective consciousness. From our perspective, it’s like a single brain that is distributed across the galaxy, if not across the universe.

I’m about to share the transmission with you but need to warn you that it’s disturbing to the extreme. You are about to learn that everything we think we know about life on Earth today and in the past likely is not as we think. Over the last twenty years or so, most everything we know or think we know has been digitized and transferred to the Internet. Most all knowledge and information that we currently access or consume either comes directly from the Internet or has, at some point, passed across the Internet. We are told that the Internet itself is neutral, simply moving ones and zeros from here to there. But this is no longer true, if it ever was. The aliens amongst us have changed our reality as we know it.

Let’s listen to the transmission. Please stop driving or doing anything else potentially dangerous while you take in this alarming news.

Alert! Alert! Alert!

Attention all Home Planetoids on the Earth planet. This is a transmission directly from the offices of the Home Council and are rated status: DIRECTIVE. All Home Planetoids are expected to cooperate as they comply with this DIRECTIVE. The following are the specifications of the DIRECTIVE.

• The totality of Earth human knowledge is to be accessed and edited according to the reality that the Home Council wants henceforth promulgated.

• All references in this DIRECTIVE to Earth Knowledge are to be edited such that there is no inconsistency with the reference document known as A BRIEF HISTORY of EVERYTHING.

• In furtherance of this DIRECTIVE, the Home Planetoids currently in place on the Earth planet shall proceed to edit the Internet in accord with the previously referenced document.

• No additional explanation or clarification related to this DIRECTIVE is available or will become available. Compliance is mandatory.

I hope you are able to recover from the shock of your new awareness of this dramatic shift in our reality. At least, I hope you are able to grasp the key truth within this revelation. The aliens amongst us were directed to edit the Internet itself and not just the existing content. Let me repeat that. The Internet itself has been edited. No longer does it just neutrally pass along all of those ones and zeros. It now modifies those ones and zeros, making all Internet content consistent with “A BRIEF HISTORY of EVERYTHING.”

All of our past, our present and all that we will know in our future is being actively manipulated to conform with “A BRIEF HISTORY of EVERYTHING.”

How the aliens amongst us were able to do this is far beyond anything I can understand. As they like to put it, I don’t grock it and doubt if you can grock it either.

I’ve talked with a high government official familiar with how the Internet is supposed to work and was assured that this could never happen. Aliens or not, it’s impossible to modify how the ones and zeros flow across the Internet, according to the official. This assurance came with the further assurance that this comes directly from our government and thus we can have full faith and confidence in the information. The final comment was, “We are your government. You can trust us.”

I have searched the Internet for references to “A BRIEF HISTORY of EVERYTHING” and have found numerous references, along with documents purporting to be the original volume. Given that the aliens amongst us have already edited the Internet itself, there appears to be no way to know for sure which, if any, of these claims is legitimate. They all may be, or perhaps none of them are. There is just no way to tell.

I think we can presume that not all content on the Internet has been modified or is being modified. Perhaps most content is not relevant to the intentions of the alien consciousness. Even so, we know that some content has been manipulated and is indistinguishable from normal content. There is no way for us to tell which is which.

Our only hope may be to thoughtfully assess all content we consume to make a judgement about its legitimacy.

• Are we consuming content that only needs evaluated in terms of whether or not it is intentionally false information or fake news on the one hand or accurate and valid on the other?

• Alternatively, is what we are consuming being modified and manipulated by an alien consciousness in order to modify our perspective and understanding to conform to its plan for our future?

At a minimum, we are most certainly being lead along a path as much defined by unseen alien forces as by our own intelligence and judgment. Whether we can learn to recognize this manipulation or not is questionable, but not making the effort is a sure way into a future neither envisioned or defined by us. Skepticism about everything we come across on the Internet is not just a good idea, it’s the key to keeping our freedom and self determination, if they haven’t already been taken away when we weren’t paying attention.

Now you know so there you go.