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When is Enough Enough

Thanks for joining me.


I usually conclude episode posts with “For now, be well, do well and do something nice for someone. He or she will appreciate it and you both will have a better day.”


Although this is usually true, now and then it isn’t. Let’s think about that today. What happens if both of you are not having a better day?


There are a lot of ways to make the point but a story will work as well as any of the others.




Julio had been living in a small suburban neighborhood for the past five years. Not too long after college, he decided to settle down and start a family with Teresa, the woman he’d been in love with for more than a decade. She is a teacher and he as an accountant for a local small business. Things were going as expected until Julio got a call from his childhood friend Max who asked to stay with them for a little while.


Max told Julio that he had been looking for work and trying to make enough money to get by. He seemed desperate to get himself straightened out. Being the kind-hearted person that he was, Julio couldn’t say no, and so he and Teresa let Max move in for a couple of weeks while looking for work.


At first, Max was the perfect guest. He kept his living space tidy, cooked meals for the two of them, and would even help out with some of the odd jobs around the house. However, after a few weeks and then a few months, it became clear that Max wasn’t serious about finding work and had no plan to leave anytime soon. It wasn’t just because he hadn’t found the right job either; he seemed to be in a tailspin of despair, unable or unwilling to make any sort of progress in getting his life back on track.


Desperate for an answer, Julio approached Max about his situation. He asked his friend what was causing him so much distress, and Max said it was an inability to find hope and opportunity. He wanted to find something that would make his life worthwhile, but he just couldn’t seem to find it. After hearing Max’s

story, Julio resolved to help him find a job and get his life together.

Pause to Consider:

I’ll bet you have the picture. It is a lot easier to see from the outside looking in. It will take a while longer for Julio.



Julio woke up early the next morning, determined to help Max find a job. He knew that finding employment was crucial for Max to regain his sense of purpose and stability. As he sipped his coffee, Julio brainstormed different avenues they could explore.


He remembered hearing about a local construction company that was hiring. Julio thought it might be a good fit for Max, given his experience with odd jobs around the house. Excited about the prospect, he quickly finished his coffee and woke Max up.


“Max, I’ve got an idea,” Julio said, his voice filled with enthusiasm. “There’s a construction company in town that’s looking for workers. I think you should give it a shot.”


Max groggily rubbed his eyes and sat up. “Really? You think I could do that?”


Julio nodded. “Absolutely. You’ve helped me with various projects around the house, and you’ve always been good with your hands. Plus, it’s a steady job with a decent paycheck. I’ll drive you there today, and we can see if they’re hiring.”


Max’s face brightened, and a glimmer of hope shone in his eyes. “Thank you, Julio. I appreciate your support.”


They quickly got ready and hopped into Julio’s car. As they drove to the construction company, Julio couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement for his friend. He knew that this opportunity could be the turning point Max needed.


Upon arriving, they walked into the bustling office. Julio approached the receptionist and inquired about job openings. She directed them to the hiring manager, Mr. Thompson, who was known for his no-nonsense approach.


Mr. Thompson, a middle-aged man with a stern expression, listened attentively as Julio explained Max’s situation. He then turned his gaze towards Max, sizing him up.


“So, you’re looking for work, huh?” Mr. Thompson asked, his voice gruff.


Max nodded, trying to appear confident. “Yes, sir. I’m eager to find a stable job and get my life back on track.”


Mr. Thompson leaned back in his chair, contemplating Max’s words. After a few moments, he spoke again. “Alright, I’ll give you a shot. We’re short on workers, and if you’re as good as your friend here says, then maybe you’ll be an asset to the team.”


Max’s face lit up with gratitude. “Thank you, sir. I won’t let you down.”


With that, Max was officially hired. Julio couldn’t contain his excitement as they left the office. He knew that this was just the beginning of Max’s journey towards rebuilding his life.


For a while, Max threw himself into his new job. He worked diligently, eager to prove himself to his colleagues and Mr. Thompson. Julio watched with pride as his friend’s confidence seemed to grow with each passing day.


As Max settled into his routine, Julio noticed a positive change in his demeanor. He seemed more focused and determined, no longer burdened by the weight of despair. Max’s newfound purpose was contagious, and it inspired Julio to continue supporting him on his journey.


However, as the weeks turned into months, Julio began to notice a shift in Max’s behavior once again. He became increasingly disruptive and uncooperative at home, often neglecting his responsibilities and staying out late. Concerned, Julio decided it was time to have a serious conversation with his friend. Things really came to a head when Julio happened to see Mr. Thompson at the lunch counter one day around noon. Julio just casually asked how things were going with his friend Max. Mr. Thompson looked puzzled and said, “If that’s the guy you brought in for a job, he never showed up. I’m not even shocked anymore. He’s sure not the first … telling me he’ll be there first thing tomorrow and disappearing.”


Pause to Consider:

I’ll bet you have the picture. It is a lot easier to see from the outside looking in. It will take a while longer for Julio.



Julio couldn’t ignore the growing tension any longer. Max’s behavior had become increasingly erratic, and it was taking a toll on their once harmonious household. He knew that he had to confront his friend about the disruption and find a way to resolve the situation.


One evening, as Max stumbled through the front door, Julio mustered up the courage to address the issue head-on. He waited until Max had settled down, then approached him with a firm yet compassionate tone.


“Max, we need to talk,” Julio began, his voice filled with concern. “Your behavior has been disruptive and uncooperative lately, and it’s affecting both Teresa and me. We welcomed you into our home to help you get back on your feet, but it seems like you’re spiraling out of control again. I also learned today that you have been lying to us about working.”


Max’s face contorted with anger, and his eyes narrowed. “What are you talking about? I’m just trying to figure things out!”


Julio took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. “I understand that, Max, but you’ve been neglecting your responsibilities at home and staying out late without any explanation. This stuff about your not working may be the last straw. We’ve tried to support you, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult.”


Max’s voice rose, filled with hostility. “You think I asked for your help? I never wanted to burden you or Teresa. I just needed a place to stay for a while, and now you’re kicking me out?”


Pause to Consider:

I’ll bet you have the picture. It is a lot easier to see from the outside looking in. Will it take a while longer for Julio?

I know I’m cutting the story just as it gets to the good part, but that’s life. Let me just leave you with this question.

When is enough enough?