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Why Is Mitch McConnell Such A Wimp?

In this episode of Audio Tidbits Podcast, I share some new insight into what is causing part if not most of my struggle with my new approach to podcasting. I then get into the heart of my pondering for today. I am wondering why Mitch McConnell is such a wimp. He says he won’t bring anything up for a vote unless President Trump gives him the green light. That makes Mitch the President’s man-servant in the US Senate. He is there to do the President’s bidding and nothing else.

I doubt if that is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they required a Senate. I think that what we are seeing is Mitch being a wimp instead of being a Senator. Were he being a Senator, he would be giving us his considered view on a border wall and the government shut-down and not deferring to the President. I doubt that the folks who elected him thought it was so he could be the President’s lackey. Whether you agree or not, have a listen. I definitely think you will have an opinion.