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Alien Cat and Mouse

Image A cartoon of a green alien Description automatically generated

Alien Discovery

Roger Applegate had always been a skeptic. He thought that aliens were a myth pushed by conspiracy theorists, and that anything extra terrestrial was impossible. Until one day when he was walking home from work. As he took his usual shortcut, he noticed someone watching him. He peered up the alley, and discovered that it was an alien.

The alien was an imposing figure, standing tall with a slight green hue to its skin; it had an alien nature to its features that Roger simply couldn’t deny. Roger had to take a second look when he noticed that the alien was speaking in English. The alien addressed him and asked how he was doing.

Roger was stunned. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t find his words, giving the alien time to start a conversation. The alien introduced itself as Jeff, and told Roger that he had been sent from planet Babidi to colonize earth. Jeff told him that he was one of many aliens on earth that looked and talked like humans, and that their mission had been going on for years without much attention.

Roger was in shock. He could hardly believe what Jeff was telling him, yet he felt strangely drawn to Jeff’s story. He felt a connection. Jeff told Roger that he could help the aliens in their plan, and that they wanted Roger to help spread awareness of their presence.

Roger was amazed by Jeff’s story and startled by his request. He reluctantly agreed to help the aliens, feeling a strange duty to help them in their quest but still skeptical. From that day onwards, Roger was cautious but on a mission to spread awareness and help the aliens in their plan.

He had discovered them, and he was determined to help them overcome the obstacles that were in their way, if what he was told was a true report of their mission.