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You Can’t Tell a Dog by It’s Collar

A Gift Few Can Comprehend

Who is the nicest?

The story begins with Jack and Jill arguing over a young rescue Labrador that they have just adopted. They both assumed that the pup had not been named yet and it was up to them to name him.

For days, the couple had been debating the right name for their pup. Jack was keen on bestowing upon him a brave

name such as Max while Jill preferred something softer, such as Angel. The arguments seemed pointless as neither of them seemed to be willing to compromise.

Finally, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, Jack and Jill were surprised to find the active pup snoozing in a chair in the sitting room. It was then that they noticed the small ID tattoo from which, with a little additional research, they learned that the pup had already been given a name: Quincy. The couple looked at each other and sighed.

Of course, neither of them had known ahead of time that such a beautiful name had already been bestowed upon the pup.

Quincy was the perfect name – a balance of strength and softness that Jack and Jill had been arguing about for weeks.

Quincy stirred and looked up at the couple with his big brown eyes. His name was now cemented. At that moment, Jack saw the pup’s intelligence and declared Quincy was the nicest amongst.the three of them. Jill disagreed, and thus, the debate for the nicest began.

Little did Jack and Jill know that this silly debate would lead to a mystery of the greatest proportions.