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I’ll Vote For That

There is a rather simple fact of life that is all too easy to overlook. Each of us – Yes, all of us – has needs, problems and vulnerabilities that exceed our individual capacity to cope. As smart as we are, as wise as we are, as capable as we are, going it alone just doesn’t cut it. We can’t survive by ourselves.

Friends and family are essential. Companions and community are essential. Resources and opportunities are essential. Yes, even bureaucrats, politicians and government are essential. It takes the whole package to make it work; and if any element is absent, our jeopardy increases.

We are entering the biannual moment when elections and politics take center stage in our collective consciousness. Whether or not we want to give them our attention, they will demand it, will force themselves on us. It will quickly be impossible to get through the day without being messaged, without being told that our vote counts and just who they think should get to count it. …