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The Talent Masters

Conaty, Bill and Ram Charan. The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers. New York: Crown Business, 2010.

Any time two or more people work together there’s a social process in which they exchange information and ideas, exercise power, and express their values through what they say and do.

Coaching and feedback are constant, direct, and substantive.

Dialogue is candid and ongoing throughout the year.

…if you’re going to have a performance culture, there’s got to be a very well understood set of company values to keep people from going off the rails ethically or behaviorally.

Charisma and talking well are useful leadership qualities, but they are not enough if a person cannot connect authentically with others to build consensus and teamwork.

…the four major components of talent: personal traits, skill mix, relationship building, and judgment about people and business.

…judgment is required to know which old rules of thumb to discard and which new ones to develop.